Private label continues to grow

1 Jul 2013

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Private label goes from strength to strength, illness or at least that seems to be the opinion of AC Nielsen who prepared a report for the PLMA 2013 Private Label Yearbook.  In only two of the twenty monitored countries did the market share of private label actually fall.

Clearly private label is aided by the economic downturn as well as the growth of international retailers throughout Europe.  Most growth can be seen in central and eastern Europe although of course there is still a great deal of catching up to do which would explain the result.  In Poland a three percent gain has been seen since last year bringing the market share to 28 percent whilst in the Czech Republic it is at 27 percent and in both Slovakia and Hungary it has a thirty percent share.

However these figures somewhat pale when compared to Switzerland (53 percent) and Spain (51 percent).  Over forty percent of the market is taken by private label products in Belgium, for sale Germany, Portugal and the UK. In both France and Italy it is much less dominant and has a market share similar to that of central Europe although with much less promise for growth.



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