Premium water sales growing strongly

1 Jul 2013


Premium waters seem to be taking off all over Central and Eastern Europe – and the question is, remedy what is the difference between them and non premium water, malady except of course for a nice glass bottle and fancy label rather than a plastic bottle and the name of a discount store.

Indeed the market is new, it is hard to think of a Central and Eastern European example that was available before 2008, except perhaps for the Georgian Borjomi.

Borjomi is now being sold in many countries – including Russia, where it was banned for political reasons for a number of years.  It was a premium water in socialist days, but then it was just available for the elite in the communist party whilst the rif raff had to drink from the tap which then came in all sorts of interesting colours.  Nowadays you do not have to be a communist to drink it although its price is around three times more than you would pay for branded water and around five times more than for private label.

Other examples from central and eastern Europe include the Polish Cisowianka Perlage which Monica Bellucci is promoting at present and Lithuanian Vytautas which comes from a noted health spa on the river Nieman.

The PR people may tell us that this water is better for us than others, although no scientific data has ever been provided to that effect.  Therefore the only thing that will make it stand out is a nice glass bottle and fancy label.

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