QR codes growing in popularity

30 Jun 2013

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A recent survey by Pitney Bowes reports that Quick Response (QR) code usage in the U.S. in 2012 rose to 19 percent – up from 5 percent reported in the previous year – making it clear that the technology has gone mainstream.

QR codes are usually found on labels and product packaging, salve but they can also be placed on the interior of a metal closure used on food and beverage applications thanks to safe inks and printing technologies.

A 2011 survey by industry site Mobile Commerce Daily showed that discounts on popular products, especially grocery items, were the main reason consumers were scanning QR codes. Codes printed under the closure can be used to promote and reward future purchases or encourage consumers to try different products from the same brand. The placement of the code is in itself a useful tool to differentiate products, since it includes a component that cannot be experienced on the shelf, encouraging the customer to make the purchase.

QR codes are also a popular means to provide additional information about a brand or product. Codes can be used as a key component of competitions and promotional campaigns that offer consumers a tangible reward if they make the purchase. Brands can then employ online tracking to measure the real-time results of these promotions and competitions, following trends and ultimately determining the success of a specific campaign.

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