Sales of bottled water continue to grow in Poland

14 Jun 2013


The mineral water market in Poland is not following that of beer and being dependent on the weather.  Over the past years there has been steady growth despite what the weather and the sporting results were.  The proof of this is to compare 2011 which was a wash out summer with 2010 which was extremely hot.

Last year was a record year for beer sales thanks to various sporting competitions as well as excellent weather which started in April.  This year we can expect beer sales to fall – even if the weather is glorious.  This is not the case for water.

Clearly water sales are no longer related to the quality of tap water either.  Whereas people may still collect their own water from public wells, viagra many prefer to get it from the shop and carry it home the same as they would do if they took it from a well.  Furthermore many areas of Poland have tap water that is not only safe to drink but also tastes possibly not much different to mineral water.  Clearly the role of branding and suitable packaging is playing an important part in this process.  The introduction of 1.5 litre packaging has been very convenient being light enough to carry home, but containing enough water to last one day for one person.

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