Tesco warned to leave Poland and the Czech Republic

6 Jun 2013


According to an article in the Polish financial daily Puls Biznesu, buy cialis Tesco has been warned that it needs to pull out of Poland, thumb the Czech Republic and Turkey.  In the first quarter of this year sales fell in Poland by 8.2 percent and this was on top of a fall in sales of 8.3 percent in Q4 2012.

The warning comes from the British analytical company Investcu.

Looking at other markets, viagra Turkey saw a 15.5 percent fall, Czech Republic nine percent, Slovakia 4.1 percent and Ireland three percent.  On the other hand Hungary saw a 0.2 percent increase in like for like sales.

Of course for Tesco the most important market is that of the UK where it saw a fall of 0.9 percent.

Tesco believes that many consumers find themselves in a difficult financial position and they are being careful with what they buy.  This would also explain the continued increase in private label products

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