Campaign launched to promote use of paper based bags

6 Jun 2013

Mondi Bags and Shopper Campaign

Mondi has launched a campaign to increase paper based bags? popularity among European retailers and consumers, advice following a market study that revealed a large gap in the market?s awareness of the advantages of kraft paper for retail shopping bags and carriers.

Mondi is a leading global supplier of packaging and paper and its kraft paper is used to produce all types of shopping bags and carriers. With the slogan ?Mondi paper carries best?, viagra the company aims to inform major European markets of the benefits of kraft paper and encourage the switch to bags made from a natural renewable resource.

Paper-based shopping bags enhance the corporate image of retail companies by showing not only attractive brand images, but also the companies? environmental values. There are numerous advantages of bags made of kraft paper:

1.  The feel of great paper: Consumers appreciate the greater strength and sustainability of modern paper-based shopping bags.
2.  Environmentally sound: Paper-based bags are biodegradable, easily recyclable and made from a renewable natural resource.
3.  Projects the best image: Paper?s printing versatility and range of textures make it an excellent way of communicating brand images and a cost-effective advertising tool.
4.  Symbol of good brands: Paper sends the message that brands are committed to the environment and to sustainable consumption.

Together with Swedish research company Innventia, Mondi examined the awareness and use of paper-based carrier bags in grocery stores in major markets such as Germany, Spain and Italy. The study found that less than 20 per cent of consumers were aware of paper-based bags as an available choice for carrying home their shopping in their preferred grocery stores. Even fewer currently choose paper-based bags when grocery shopping: only two per cent in Germany and Italy, and less than half a per cent in Spain.

These results show the great potential for European retailers to switch to attractive kraft paper-based shopping bags that convey a positive corporate image. Major international retailers already offer bags made of Mondi kraft paper ? and more can be expected to follow their lead.

Clemens Stockreiter, COO Mondi Kraft Paper Europe & International said: ?The raw material in Mondi kraft paper-based bags comes from responsibly managed forests. Our kraft paper can be recycled up to seven times and is suitable for industrial composting. If a paper-based bag is thrown away, it will naturally biodegrade. Today, we produce enough paper for 500 million shopping bags a year ? about one for every EU citizen.?

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