Recycling law in Poland may prove difficult to understand

24 May 2013


A law was passed at the beginning of last year in Poland which will enter into force on 1 July 2013 which will mean that local authorities will have to segregate waste according to the following : paper, click check metal, tadalafil plastic, search glass and multi material waste as well as biodegradable products.

The law is not only controversial but it is confusing.  Article one, point seven wants to limit the collection of biodegradable materials but it fails to say how this is to be achieved.  One assumes that the law makers think that biodegradable products just biodegrade by themselves.  Given that the overwhelming bulk of people do not know how to tell the difference, this is going to make things even worse.

Possibly most people do not even know what they are handling.  A glass bottle will go in the glass skip but so will its paper label and usually the plastic bag holding a number of glass bottles.

It look as though once again we have a well intentioned law on recycling packaging but a law which may prove to be difficult to enforce.

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