Polish pharma plant expanded

20 May 2013


BSC Drukarnia Opakowan, diagnosis   the rlc packaging group subsidiary in Poland, sildenafil has completed expansion of its plant BSC Pharmacenter in Poznan. In addition to labels and package inserts, the BSC plant started producing folding boxes for the pharmaceutical industry in April.

After significantly increasing production capacity at its plant in Rüdersdorf near Berlin last year, rlc now operates two modern pharmaceutical packaging centers. Both are dedicated to meeting the special needs of the pharmaceutical industry. 

BSC doubled capacity at the Poznan site by investing around 18 million zloty (?4.3 million) in the construction of a new production facility and warehouse. The plant now has more than 4,700 square meters of floor space. Two die cutters and two gluing machines were installed in late March. Three presses will be relocated from the main plant in Poznan to the new facility. The first press is already in operation. As a complete system provider, rlc offers a range of special services, including the packing of folding boxes and leaflets, and just-in-time distribution. In addition to highly-efficient packaging production, BSC offers finishing that is rapidly gaining importance for non-prescription, over-the-counter products. Up until now, these finishes have been rarely used in the pharmaceutical industry. The company claims that the plant now covers the complete packaging value chain for the pharmaceutical industry.

“The expansion of the packaging plant, which is the focus of our pharmaceutical industry activities, is part of the rlc strategy to achieve sustainable growth in Eastern Europe,” explains BSC CEO Janusz Schwark. Further investments are already planned for next year. In the current fiscal year, BSC expects PHARMACENTER sales to reach 35 to 40 million zloty (? 8.3 to 9.6 million).

The range of packaging products offered by BSC is directly linked to the services provided by the plant in Rüdersdorf/Berlin. Late last year, rlc doubled machine capacity at this site in new premises to meet the growing demand for high-quality pharmaceutical packaging system services from a single source. “Thanks to the identical production conditions at the two sites, the plants work together extremely well and can handle production peaks with maximum flexibility,” explains Walter Würfel, in charge of the rlc pharmaceutical division. The range of products and services is backed by many years of experience in pharmaceutical packaging production at the rlc Limmatdruck l Zeiler sites in Switzerland. This is further supported by PAS Media, a GMP-validated project and artwork management tool. The completion of both Pharmacenters will be rounded out symbolically this summer with a pharmaceutical conference on ?system competence? at Rüdersdorf.

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