Bad one, Huhtamaki!

14 May 2013

carrte d'or

The Carte d’Or range of ice cream is sold throughout Europe and is offered in packaging options such as plastic tubs or cartonboard cups.  The latter are manufactured by Huhtamaki.

The publisher of this magazine discovered last week that the packaging of this ice cream is regretfully not waterproof, indeed the product leaked, following a power interruption to the freezer.  It leaked so badly that the fridge needed to be cleaned completely and some of the seals removed for cleaning as mould got into them.

He will certainly be giving this ice cream a miss in the future – thanks to the packaging.  And if anyone from Huhtamaki is reading this, perhaps they would be good enough to come round and finish cleaning his fridge out!

Jaime Torres - QESH Manager at Huhtamaki Spain, S.L. 15 May 2013 at 14:12

I am very sorry that the publisher of the magazine missed his delicious ice cream experience. The packaging in question, however, is not designed to be waterproof nor hold completely melted ice cream in warm temperature for long enough for mold to appear. At Huhtamaki we aim at designing and manufacturing optimal packaging. An optimal packaging solution minimizes the use of raw materials (for example unnecessary glues or plastic layers) without compromising the packaging’s protective properties in the intended supply chain. Ice cream’s intended supply chain is a cold one – ice cream should be stored in frozen temperaturs, not in a fridge where it will inevitably melt. Mold on the other hand usually takes some time to appear, so this suggests that the melted product was indeed in a wrong place for quite some time.

Jaime Torres
QESH Manager
Huhtamaki Spain, S.L.

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