Polish paint producer introduces new line

9 May 2013

sniezka range plastic

Polish paint producer Śnieżka has produced a new product line and new packaging to go with it. The obejective of the packaging was to convey an image of cleanliness, look clarity and modernity.

The white internal emulsion is acryllic and aimed at the economy segment whilst the Energy and Modern brands are for the upper mainstream market whilst the tough Vernissage is at the top end of the scale, prostate the producers claim that this can withstand scrubbing and not be marked.

Aiming to make the products stand out on the shelf, generic   there are graphic elements and colourful panels although the strong white background represents the colour of the indoor paint.

However the range that is aimed at being used by professionals needed a completely different type of packaging which introduced new colour styles as well as highlighting what the product can do.

Work on these products started last year and they have now begun to appear on the market whilst others have yet to be rolled out.    There will be around sixty products once the entire line in on the market.


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