Cortec® Cor-Pak® VpCI® Stretch Film Keeps Unruly Shipments Under Wraps!

6 May 2013


Cortec’s newly reformulated Cor-Pak® VpCI® Stretch Film provides a more efficient and cost effective corrosion protection solution for primary packaging and unitization. This stretch wrap, produced by Cortec® Corporation and EcoCortec® (a European Subsidiary of Cortec® Corporation), is the only product in the world that offers both vapour phase and contact protection to carbon and galvanized steels, aluminum, copper, brass, zinc, and other metals. This fully recyclable film delivers added puncture resistance and load holding, allowing users to down-gauge while still containing aggressive loads and producing a better package at reduced costs.

Protective packaging is important when you’re dealing with stretch film and making sure containers stay on the pallet is paramount to quality control during shipping and warehouse distribution. Stretch wrapping is the most cost-effective way to keep loads secured and Cortec’s Cor-Pak® VpCI® Stretch Film offers you everything you’ve been looking for in a corrosion protection and pallet wrap product rolled into one.

This Cortec® product gives you improved handling stability when forming a unit load while also providing tamper resistance, more efficient storage, and dust and moisture protection.

Cor-Pak® VpCI® Stretch Film is the most advanced corrosion inhibiting stretch film available on the market. Eliminate the need for rust inhibiting oils by utilizing our film made from a unique blend of polyethylene resins and Cortec’s Patented VpCI® technology; coextruded on highly specialized, computer controlled equipment.  With superior strength and stretch characteristics as well as consistent multi-metal corrosion inhibiting coverage, Cor-Pak® VpCI® Stretch Film ensures that you achieve the enhanced load security you require.  All of Cortec’s hand and machine stretch wrap products are compatible with commercially available manual and automatic stretch wrapping equipment and designed to securely handle and protect even your most difficult load.



Resists puncture under maximum ASTM D1709-04 dart drop load

Recyclable, environmentally friendly

Does not contain polyisobutylene (PIB) or other tackifiers in cling layer

Does not leave residue on parts

Self-adhering film bonds to each layer for added strength

Up to a 3:1 stretch ratio

FDA approved for use on food handling equipment

Cor-Pak® VpCI® Film conforms to NACE standards TM0208-2008, RP0487-2000 and is RoHS compliant.

Stretch Packaging – It’s A Wrap; Boris A. Miksic, FNACE; R. Kramer; Cortec® Corporation; Steel Times, Vol 227, No 5. “The customer requirement for ‘dry’ metal highlights another ecological problem packaging presents.  Rusty coils or loads are simple treated with extra slushing oil, at further cost to the environment.

Cortec’s stretch film seeks to reduce excess oiling and use of non-recyclable steel wraps destined for landfill sites.  Prior to the introduction of corrosion inhibitors, stretch film made a bad name for itself when it became clear that condensation would form inside the package, presenting a significant corrosion risk.”  Read the full technical paper at:


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