Bonduelle launches light weight can

29 Apr 2013

After ten years in development French canned vegetable producer Bonduelle has launched a new food can which the company claims delivers environmental benefits through using nitrogen dosing techniques, there similar to those used in the beverage industry, thumb for the first time in food canning which leads to less metal being used in the can.

Beading  on the can  has been removed to form a more premium look and feel to the packaging.  A sense of freshness comes on opening the can, and created by the ?psshht? sound effect of the vacuum release which may please some customers.


Worth the weight of the Eiffel Tower

The new 400g can uses 15 %  less material than the current best in class can thanks largely to an astounding 43% reduction in the can wall thickness. If 1 billion cans were to convert to the new design, the material saving would be equivalent to the weight of metal in the Eiffel Tower.  This also translates into a CO2 saving to be in the region of 15 per cent.

The introduction of nitrogen dosing in a consistent and controlled way, and how best to accommodate the increased internal pressure upon the can bottom and end also presented a design challenge. This was successfully met, and a completely redesigned and re-engineered can is now able to withstand pressures of up to 4.5 bar.



The concept for this type of can goes back 6 years when a  pilot line was commissioned  in France, based on Finite Element Analysis (FEA) techniques established several years earlier  to numerically calculate suitable can concepts and design. The project started in earnest in May 2011 once the first patent was granted, covering both can geometry and shape in addition to the re-engineered easy open end and new pressure resistant can bottom.

The Bonduelle cans are made in Deventer in The Netherlands, and filled at Bonduelle?s facility in Vaulx Vraucourt, Northern France. The first application of the stylish new packaging is on Bonduelle?s Winter Vegetable range (Red Beans and Black Beans), to be followed by the gradual rollout on other products in their canned vegetable range.



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