30 micron bio based film introduced

3 Apr 2013

DSM Engineering Plastics, applicaties

Royal DSM, see the global Life Sciences and Materials Sciences company, viagra sale announced today that its development partner MF Folien GmbH in Kempten, Southern Germany, successfully introduced a new polyamide film, which is based on DSM?s bio-based EcoPaXX? polyamide 410.

MF Folien is a producer of polyamide film, and has been DSM?s development partner for EcoPaXX film from the start. In 2011, the company was the first to create samples of 30 micron cast film from EcoPaXX. This film has the same high quality level for which MF Folien is very well known in the market. Samples of film based on EcoPaXX are available in various thicknesses: 30, 40 and 50 microns. Potential application areas are in flexible food packaging, building & construction, medical, aviation and shipping.

Speaking on behalf of MF Folien, Mr. Rainer Leising, general sales manager, said: ?We are delighted to be working with DSM on the development of this innovative and sustainable material solution. Since we first introduced EcoPaXX film, with its distinctive shiny, silvery ?high-tech? appearance, the material has been featured in our product brochure.? EcoPaXX polyamide 410 films are strong and transparent with a high puncture resistance. They have a reduced moisture transmission rate versus polyamide 6 film, and a comparable oxygen barrier. When fully wet, the oxygen barrier of polyamide 410 is even higher.

Recently, three grades of EcoPaXX were given the ?Certified Biobased Product? label, awarded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). These labels certify a proven bio-based content of around 70%. The bio based content of EcoPaXX polyamide 410 stems from one of its building blocks, derived from castor oil obtained from plants that grow in tropical regions and which are not used for food products. The carbon dioxide, which is generated during the production process of the polymer, is fully compensated by the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed in the growth phase of the castor beans.

DSM introduced EcoPaXX in order to meet increasing market demand for high performance durable bio-based engineering plastics. Kees Tintel, Business Manager EcoPaXX at DSM, says: ?We recognize the market?s desire for more sustainable solutions that have a lower footprint and are bio-based. By applying DSM?s Bright Science, we were able to develop this material, which in addition to its green performance, delivers the same or even better properties compared to its traditional alternatives.?

Mr. Tintel added: ?EcoPaXX reflects DSM?s focus on innovative and sustainable materials. In addition to EcoPaXX, DSM offers a range of other bio-based high performance materials, including Arnitel? Eco, a bio-based thermoplastic copolyester, and Palapreg? ECO, a bio-based duroplast.?

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