Multilayer bottle allows mustard to remain non perishable

4 Mar 2013

rpc2013.024 Kutenholz Kerkade Corby Mustard pic 2

Tsac Vertriebs GmbH from Essen has introduced a spicy mustard onto the German market in a squeezable container.

After the successful introduction of curry sauce and ketchup the product innovator from Essen has now launched its Club-senf variety.

Club-senf is characterised by natural ingredients such as aromatic parsnip, mind spicy nettles, pink pepper, and rosemary. It can be used with sausages and barbecued food, and can improve sauces for fish and meat dishes.

Club-senf is gluten and lactose free and does not use preservatives or flavour enhancers. Due to the protective multilayer bottle, it remains non-perishable even without the use of additives. The 250ml squeezy bottles have been on retail shelves since September.

However, Club-senf made its first public appearance on 28 August 2012 at the Essen Stadium, at the match between Essen and SSVg Velbert.


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