Nationalism answer to horsemeat labelling problem

26 Feb 2013


Fears of horsemeat labelled as beef continue to hit Europe with products from a number of countries being attacked, cialis especially Romania and Poland.

For the German retailer the Rewe Group the answer is simple.  Resort to nationalism.  It has announced that henceforth it will only use German beef for its private label products at Rewe and Penny.

This of course assumes that such products are available at the prices dictated by the hard discounter.  And if they are not, viagra will the customers be worried anyway?

Ikea is having a bit of a problem with it too.  It has withdrawn its signature menu item, meatballs, from stores across several markets in Europe after Czech food inspectors found horsemeat traces in a batch of the product, labelled as made exclusively with beef and pork.

Meanwhile, the German Der Spiegel has reported that the Polish agricultural minister as saying on Monday in Brussels that the industry in his country is as  “clean as a whistle”.


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