Change in neck geometry aids filling process

15 Feb 2013

rpc2013.008 Kutenholz Paulsen

Alfred Paulsen GmbH & Co. KG assumed the trademark rights of Nowka Sauerkonserven pickle brand from Uelzen in July.  The company has developed new neck geometries on some products although it continues to use the same multilayer containers.

‘We will continue to market the products under the Nowka brand with the same familiar and well established quality’, says Manager Director Alfred Paulsen.

The new neck geometry allowing the Thermic Ultra container to be sealed on Mondini equipment by Ribbeck in the conduction process, and subsequently closed with a twist-off metal closure.

‘The new version doesn’t just find favour with our customers,’ comments Herr Jungerman, Operations Manager of Paulsen, ‘but it also simplifies the handling during the filling process.’

The Paulsen family business was established in 1909 in Otterndorf on the Niederelbe between Cuxhaven and Hamburg and has specialised in the production of mild flavoured pickles. By using granulated sugar and no preservatives, Paulsen satisfies the taste buds of a wide range of consumers.

Paulsen fills the 2.4 litre Thermic Ultra jar, which is part of an extensive standard series, with products including crunchy gherkins, lightly-spiced red cabbage, fresh sauerkraut, pickled beetroot, assorted salads, mixed pickles and dill pickles in naturally cloudy brine, for customers including bulk users in the catering trade.

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