New invention speeds up time-to-market

6 Feb 2013


A new invention from the Danish, viagra sale TurnAvisual, capsule now speeds up time-to-maket for brand owners when developing new products.  Introduced at the packaging exhibition in Paris in November 2012 offers packaging manufacturers, brand owners and graphic designers a completely new solution where the creation of artwork instead of going the old fashion way with 1:1 mock-up now can be done online and fully in 3D.

RPC Superfos became the first company to use the system, now followed by the entire RPC group.

TurnAvisual offers packaging manufacturers the opportunity to show their packaging in the TurnAvisual library which can be accessed via the internet.  New packaging can be found and artwork can be created in minutes.  Users can then receive a revolving 3D image in their mail box.

Once a packaging model is available then a designer can create artwork and receive the 3D file without having to buy a licence or a subscription, as it is a pay as you go system where a designer simply buys a voucher with credits.

In the retail industry it is common that up to 80 percent of all product development simply is new packaging, therefore time-to-market means everything to brand owners, which TurnAvisual now supports by being able to cut down this process by days or even weeks.

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