Your Tube awards for design concepts in aluminium

31 Jan 2013

1st Place YOUR TUBE AWARD 2012 Gullaud and Foubert France a

The Your Tube Award competition, advice treat cheap held for the very first time in 2012, presents new, attractive design solu­tions for the aluminium tube: In a six-month submission phase the Aluminium Tube Committee of the European Tube Manufacturers Asso­ciation (etma) looked out for outstanding and innovative design con­cepts for the aluminium tube in the area of graphic and product design.

Over 60 extraordinary ideas of an exceptional quality were submitted by designers, young professionals, students, or design schools from eleven different countries and critically appraised by a jury made up of experts from the design, packaging, and industrial sectors by the end of 2012, making the Your Tube Award a great success. The top three places were awarded to design professionals and design students from France, Iran, and Mexico, while the special prize for the ?Best Holistic Con­cept? went jointly to two young designers from Germany and Mexi­co. The award winners of the international design competition for the aluminium tube shared a total prize pot of 10,000 ?.


Refreshing concepts, excellently set in scene ? the aluminium tube in the spotlight

?New perspectives for the aluminium tube?!? In the beginning was the idea ? the idea to give the aluminium tube a new face, to form new, in­novative bonds between material, design, and functionality, and to en­hance the awareness of the traditional aluminium tube among packag­ing, product and graphic designers by means of a design competition ? the 1st International Aluminium Tube Design Award, the YOUR TUBE AWARD was born. ?For designers, the aluminium tube poses one of the greatest challenges within the packaging sector. Yet the aluminium tube is the premium choice when it comes to packing pasty products in an attractive way. The budding creative experts have demonstrated con­siderable skill and flexibility in taking up this challenge, mastering the assigned task brilliantly. We?ve seen many imaginative con­cepts,? says Dr. Monika Kopra-Schäfer, Chairwoman of the Aluminium Tube Committee and etma President, in appreciation of the submissions for the design competition. What we were looking for were out-of-the-box ways to innovatively stage the basic material aluminium in the tube form, without setting any limits on creativity. The Alumi­ni­um Tube Committee of the European Tube Manufacturers Association (etma) awarded prizes of 5,000 euros (1st place), 2,000 euros (2nd place), and 1,000 euros (3rd place) in recognition of the design efforts, with two special prizes each of 1,000 euros being awarded to two par­ticipants who tied in the category ?Best Holistic Concept?.


And the winners are?

The aim of the novel aluminium tube design competition task was to draw the attention of both budding designers as well as experienced professionals to the excellent characteristics of aluminium as a pack­ag­ing material. The winning concept based on a sophisticated feature sub­mitted by the French designers Mathilde Gullaud and Jérôme Fou­bert accomplishes this in a highly creative way: his interest aroused by the special folding technique, the consumer is animated to use the prod­uct and squeezes the tube empty, gradually reshaping and rein­ter­preting the brand image in the process. The winner of second place, the Iranian design student Mohamadreza Shahmohamadi, came up with a multitude of exciting forms and shapes to create an entirely new product presentation, one that has hardly anything in common with the conventional image of the aluminium tube. Pedro Romero Oceguera from Mexico came in third with an innovative holder at the end of the tube, which not only revolutionizes the ways in which aluminium tubes can be stored and presented at the point of sale, but also enables the tube to be used as an everyday object, for example as a key pendant. The special prize for ?Best Holistic Concept? ? for example for fictive brands ? was awarded twice: the German designer Jennifer Skibbe impressed the expert jury with her ?TubeSoup? entry, a packag­ing concept for instant soup that includes a tube closure in the shape of a spoon, as did also the young designer Carlos Díaz with his Mexican chocolate packaged with an especially mouth-ergonomic opening for direct out-of-the-tube enjoyment and an original, appetizing closure design.

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