Poles spending EUR2.4bn on luxury items

10 Dec 2012

Absolut Unique

Poles spend around EUR2.4bn on luxury goods each year.  The lion’s share of this goes on packaged goods such as cosmetics and alcohol but other goods such as branded clothing items also make up an important part.  KPMG sees this market as increasing in value and forecasts that it will reach PLN12.9bn (EUR2.3bn) by 2015.

KPMG says that there are currently only around 730,000 people in Poland earning more than PLN7,100 (EUR1, 750) per month.  Nonetheless this figure will increase to almost 840,000 by 2015.

A much larger market are those which aspire to better earnings.  They may earn currently less than EUR1,750 per month but they soon hope to be.  This group makes up for around 2.2m people. As far as they are concerned, they do not need the latest product but one that still is considered as being luxurious will do.  It is this group that will seek bargains over the internet and in other places and who will be attracted above all by the appropriate packaging!

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