Next to nothing being done to stop cigarette smuggling

10 Dec 2012

According to the consulting company Almares, cialis sale some 7.5bn of the 51bn cigarettes smoked in Poland every year come from smuggling or avoid paying duty in some other means.  At the same time, ed revenues from tobacco were down in Q3 2012.  Problems to which the packaging industry has solutions, but there seems to be very little in the way of political way to ensure that those solutions are used.

One may ask how come it is possible to smuggle 7.5bn cigarettes into Poland alone from outside of the EU.  Most of these cigarettes probably come from Belarus although other countries also manufacture them.  Some will of course come from official channels in those countries.  Given that the potential earnings are much greater in other EU countries, particularly Germany and the UK, one must assume that many cigarettes do travel much further.

The use of holographs is the first thing that comes to mind.  Of course eventually holographs can be copied, but it takes time.

QR codes and other smart phone technology are being applied for the sale of many food items.  Its application in the prevention of revenue fraud and smuggling seems to be a statement of the obvious, but obviously it is not.

As taxes increase and the amount of smokers falls, there will be all the more incentive for the criminals to smuggle and manufacture copies.

Receipts from crime may well be ploughed back into crime, or alternatively it can be laundered and enter the normal economy, competing with businesses that have had to start up the hard (and legal) way.  It is really a disgrace that nothing is being done to stop this huge drain on revenue.



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