Changes in coffee consumption good for espresso business

10 Dec 2012


Coffee use in going through a major change in many countries and especially in central and eastern Europe.  One of the companies that is benefiting from this is Nespresso which has seen growth in two figures in various countries.

To take Poland as an example, click Euromonitor International estimates that retail sales come to 108, physician 800 tons compared to 109, sovaldi 200 tones in 2011.  Euromonitor believes that this could fall to 106,300 tons.  This does not mean that people are drinking less coffee, they are certainly drinking more outside of their homes and they are certainly drinking more in single portion containers such as Nespresso offers. Euromonitor forecasts that Poles will spend PLN115m on expresso alone and that this will increase to PLN136m by 2015.

Nespresso will no doubt continue to make good sales, thanks in part to the internet and also to new sales points which the Polish daily Rzeczpospolita says that it will open.


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