Russia bans Latvian pork products

7 Dec 2012


Last week the Russian health authority Rosselkhoznadzor banned temporarily the import of pork products from Latvia due to the outbreak of classical swine fever (also known as hog cholera or pig plague).  The ruling also effects exports to Belarus, medical which is in a customs union with Russia.

The ruling does not effect products which have been temperature treated above 70C which may cover many packaged goods.

Latvia announced on 20 November that classical swine fever had broken out close to the border with Belarus.  The last outbreak was in 1996, clinic however there was an outbreak in Lithuania earlier this year.

This will not only effect Latvian producers but also Russian consumers as Latvia is one of the largest exporters of pork and pork products to Russia.

The irony is that the disease may actually have come from Belarus where the disease is quite common amongst wild boar.

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