Tesco will drop to third place in Polish retail league

3 Dec 2012

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If Auchan’s purchase of Real’s business in Poland, Romania, Russia and the Ukraine goes through – and there is nothing to suggest that it will not – then Auchan will become the leading hypermarket operator in Poland and take second place overall for food retail.  Furthermore it would threaten the leading position of the Portuguese owned Biedronka chain.

Real has 54 hypermarkets in Poland and once Auchan has taken them over its total will be eighty in Poland giving an annual turnover of around EUR3bn in this country.  In the capital alone, this would bring Auchan to eight hypermarkets and the mergers and competition authority could request the sale of one or two of these outlets.

Whereas Tesco continues to grow in Poland, it saw its market share in its home market of the UK fall from 31 percent to 30.5 percent this year.  Nonetheless it will have an uphill struggle in meeting the buying power of Auchan.

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