Pizza sales reach PLN1.5bn in Poland

29 Nov 2012

The Polish pizza market reached a value of PLN 1.5bn (?364m) in 2011, viagra sale accounting for slightly less than 8% of the country?s restaurant market, store according to the PMR report HoReCa market in Poland 2012. Market analysis and development forecast 2012-2014.

Pizza remains a popular dish for Poles, with about 62% eating pizza at least once a month, according to a survey carried out in April 2012 on a representative sample of 600 adult Poles by the research department at PMR for Retail Update Poland. Ordering pizza in a restaurant, pizzeria or bar is nearly as popular (33%) as making it at home (32%). It is slightly less popular to have pizza delivered (24%). A vast majority of consumers who order pizza do so by phone (96%), while a tiny percentage use the internet. Any increase in the number of consumers ordering pizza online will be at the expense of phone orders, according to Jaroslaw Frontczak, an analyst at PMR.

Nevertheless, more and more players in Poland?s pizza market already offer online ordering for their customers or intend to add it in the near future. The increasing popularity of online ordering is also demonstrated by the fast-growing revenues of, a website that enables users to order a pizza from one of nearly 2,000 restaurants in 272 Polish cities. Its revenues are expected to surge from PLN 9m (?2.2m) in 2011 to PLN 35m (?8.5m) this year, Puls Biznesu reported. The target for sales revenues in 2013 is PLN 100m (?24.3m).

According to Iwona Olbrys, general director at Telepizza, a pizzeria chain, online orders account for 21% of all the company?s deliveries, compared to a year earlier when it was 10%.

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