EUR3.5m being invested in Polish milk products plant

29 Nov 2012


The Dutch based Milkiland, a major player on the Russian and Ukrainian milk market, is about to invest EUR3.5m in the reconstruction of the Ostrowia cheese plant facilities in eastern Poland.  Milkiland acquired this facility for EUR12m during the summer following its bankruptcy.

The company is investing immediately EUR2m in order to get the certification needed for export to Russia and the Ukraine.  The Russian market is the most important for it.  It is the third largest player in the Moscow region for milk products and it seeks to improve on this position.  It is one of the largest producers of milk products in the Ukraine.

‘The main goal of the reconstruction is to adjust the production capacities of the plant in line with the requirements of Russian and Ukrainian supervisory authorities, in order to obtain an export licenses to supply cheese to these countries. We plan to finish this work and get these licenses in spring of 2013’, – commented Anatoliy Yurkevych, CEO of Milkiland N.V.

Ostrowia currently has a production capacity of 200,000 tonnes per year.  Milkiland wants to double this in the next three to five years.

Milkiland believes that the company will become profitable by the middle of next year.

Last year, Milkiland showed a turnover of EUR280m.

It markets its products under the Dobryana and Kolyada brands in Ukraine, and under Ostankinska brand in Russia. It also produces private label products for major retailers such as X5 and Metro.

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