Large packaging is cheaper! Or is it?

11 Nov 2012


Many of us will buy goods in large packages because we believe it to be cheaper.  Even though single serve packaging may make more sense, order automatically we reach for the largest packet.  This has a number of disadvantages such as over eating or waste generation, site yet we allow the thought of saving money to get the better of us.  This is a normal human reaction.  However it may also be a mistaken one.

The Polish daily Gazeta Wyborcza recently carried out some tests in a Tesco store in Warsaw.  It found for example that it could buy chicken paste in a 130 gram packet for PLN1.69 (PLN12, viagra 90 per kilo) whereas a 250 gram packet costs PLN15.16 per kilo.  Tchibo Family costs PLN6.59 in a 250 gram jar (PLN26.36 per kilo) whereas the family pack weighing twice as much costs two and a half times as much.  Let no-one suggest that families are cheap!


Even if you decide you want a night in with a bottle of vodka it is better to look at the prices.  The same Tesco offered 0.5 litre Krupnik vodka at PLN17.99 – whereas a 0.7 litre bottle costs PLN28.99 – around twenty percent more expensive.

According to Gazeta Wyborcza, Tesco thinks that this is normal.  A company spokesperson said that there are many factors going into the price of goods and that this does not mean that goods in larger sized packages are necessarily cheaper.  Many packaging suppliers are looking at demographics and seeing that the one person family is increasingly common and are directing their offer at them.  It now depends on the one person family member to shop around.

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