Leonhard Kurz publishes the second edition of its “Presentation” art box

8 Nov 2012


The second edition of the ?Presentation? art box has now been released. The stamping foil manufacturer Kurz first presented the new collector?s item at Luxepack 2012. Like the previous edition, medical for sale the latest presentation box showcases examples of high-quality packaging design as well as the work of a contemporary artist. This year?s box is centered on the theme of ?Era? and contains six individual boxes representing various epochs, viagra for example the Art Nouveau and Flower Power periods. The aim of the team of designers at Kurz who created the boxes was not to directly copy the earlier styles, pilule but rather to transpose them into the present time. The packaging boxes serve as a source of inspiration for how to reinterpret design elements from earlier epochs and combine them with current trends, and how innovative finishing techniques and new materials can be employed to do so.


Five sides from each of the individual boxes have been styled on a particular era, while the sixth side is a puzzle piece for a work of art. When these individual boxes are arranged correctly within the presentation box, a picture from the Nuremberg painter and object artist Birgit Nadrau is formed. Nadraus?s picture deals with an essential aspect of all eras: their transient nature. At the same time, it also expresses the idea of change and new beginnings, because the end of an era always represents the start of a new period.


The hot stamping and cold foil transfer finishing processes used to produce the boxes were also employed in a forward looking manner. The boxes demonstrate a range of elaborate and stunning finishings that can be used to turn product packaging into a real eye-catcher and enable it to succeed in the increasingly competitive Point of Sale arena. The artistic structured and relief embossing effects have been achieved using the state-of-the-art die technologies from Hinderer and Muehlich. The sophisticated stampings were created using the latest generation of easy-to-process hot stamping foils, cold foils and seamless holographic designs. The packaging designs illustrate the large spectrum of finishing effects that can be achieved using current stamping foil technology: playful and technical elements, dazzling or pastel colors, subtle accents as well as dominant, large-area patterns.


Visitors to the Kurz booth at Luxepack could already secure their very own copy of the new presentation box. The No. 2 art box can also currently be obtained free of charge via mail by sending an email to PMgraphics@kurz.de. This offer is only available while stocks last.

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