Record year for beer sales in Poland

31 Oct 2012


As forecast earlier this year, try Poland could now be heading towards a record year for beer sales.  Even if the final two months end up in being a total beer disaster, ampoule sales could still hit 37m hectolitres.

Of course this year has been an exception.  By the third week of April we were enjoying temperatures over 30C and then there was Euro 2012 which not only gave locals a chance to drink a lot of beer in front of the television but also saw an influx of a lot of beer drinking foreigners.  Following that the weather really held up nicely and the outdoor beer drinking atmosphere only really ended around ten days ago.  It was a dream come true for beer producers!


Looking at this a bit closer we see that by April sales were up by 11.6 percent when compared to April 2011.  By May, ampoule it was 19 percent.  Perhaps from then on it would be unfair to compare the two years as the summer of 2011 was so bad.  Suffice to say that in the first half of 2012, breweries had sold over 19m hl of beer, an increase of seven percent over the previous year.

July and August are the months when traditionally most beer is sold as people enjoy the drink in the open air although sports competitions also add to sales.  July and September 2012 appear to have been record years for beer sales.


One brand, Tyskie, saw sales up by 15 percent when compared to 2011. Żywiec brewery saw growth of 5.5 percent although those beers in the premium sector grew by over ten percent.

It is not just the premium sector however that is growing.  Traditional local beers are growing strongly as are flavoured beers.

Exports of beers also grew this year by 8.4 percent to EUR43m. However given that Poland is the tenth largest producer of beer in the world, the amount exported is comparitively small and suggests that this could be increased.

But a word of warning!  This year was an exception and the summer was the best since 1999!  Furthermore it is unlikely that Poland will host another major sporting competition for many years.  Without doubt, Russian breweries will be hoping for a similar result in 2018!


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