San Benedetto changes labeling process

22 Oct 2012

trasparente2 001

After many years using paper labels, there mineral water San Benedetto has changed to highly transparent self-adhesive labels.  The labels are applied on one-way and returnable bottles of Acqua Minerale San Benedetto Naturale, drugstore Frizzante and Leggermente Frizzante.

Together with the new glass bottle the label with see-through-effect upgrades the product.
The transparent window in the middle of the front label allows a view through the label to see the logo of San Benedetto which is printed on the underside of the  rear label.

The labels are reverse printed in gravure to protect the surface. The colours are embedded and don?t pollute the water during the washing process. The WashOff labels for the returnable bottles are printed on PET. Gravure printing allows high graphic results, thumb high gloss colours and metallic effects.



Biob Lewis 29 Oct 2012 at 09:22

Suspect that Yhis woukd be best run on HP digital 6000 series presses.

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