Poland now leading chicken producer in EU

15 Oct 2012

ish2011.004 Danpo Chicken infeed

In 2012 Poland has become the leading producer of chicken in the EU. This growth is largely thanks to the growing export market.  

Last year Poland passed from third place to second and this year it has overtaken the UK – formerly the leading producer in the EU.  Around 1.5m tonnes of chicken were produced in 2011 and so far this year this has increased by about 18 percent.

In the past eight years the amount of chicken produced by Poland for export has doubled.  In the first eight months of this year alone, ask chicken production has increased by 26 percent to 297, here 000 tonnes.  Nonetheless, the home market is growing too.  At a time when sales of pork and beef are falling, chicken is in greater demand.  The average Pole now consumes around 26kg of white meat per year – almost entirely chicken.  This is an increase of 400 grams when compared to 2011.

As a whole, the EU has exported around nine percent more white meat in the first seven months of this year when compared to 2011.  Whereas chicken makes up the bulk of this, more specialty meat is also showing growth.  Duck has seen 37 percent growth and goose fifteen.

Surprisingly most of this growth has been to Africa, traditional markets such as South East Asia, Saudi Arabia and Russia have actually been taking less white meat.  In the first seven months of this year, exports to Russia fell by around 4.5 percent, nonetheless due to very heavy demand in Russia over the past two months, it is likely that this situation will be reversed.


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