International standard for holograms welcomed by industry body

9 Oct 2012

Ian Lancaster2 IHMA

The trade body representing the global hologram industry has welcomed the first international standard to provide guidance for businesses on protecting their products from counterfeits.


ISO 12931 covers ?Performance criteria for authentication solutions used to combat counterfeiting of material goods? and will bring significant benefits to the hologram industry, cialis sale says the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA).


The IHMA, see which was involved from an early stage in developing the standard, says ISO 12931 offers new and objective guidance for brand owners and other rights holders on how to proceed when it comes to protecting their products from counterfeiters using security devices like holograms.


Although specifically not referenced, ?holography? or a ?hologram? meets the only two types of authentication solutions identified by the standard – overt and covert. Ian M Lancaster, IHMA general secretary, was a member of the ISO committee that produced ISO 12931.


He says that prior to the Standard, brand owners and other rights holders relied on authentication device providers to guide them through the requirements for the protection of their material goods, which was less than ideal.


?Now, brand owners will be equipped with an objective guide to how to proceed, which will encourage more to take counterfeiting seriously and look at developing effective strategies to protect against it.?


He adds that ISO 12931 will promote the use of authentication solutions, particularly encouraging the use of overt and covert solutions ? functional categories which can be combined in one hologram.


?The new standard is a significant step forward and will bring welcome benefits to the hologram industry.


?It is now up to secure hologram suppliers to build compliance with ISO 12931 in to their marketing materials and training.?

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