Soft can system enters production

5 Oct 2012


In 2007 the Cyclero ‘soft can’ system came onto the market.  As a ‘can’ it is very light and after use can be squashed up to be quite small for disposal.  The can has had some success in South East Asia where it has now gone into production, yet despite its size and trendy looks, it remains to make an impact in Europe except for coffee pads.  


Cyclero® DrinkBag

After years of development, Huhtamaki Ronsberg has now created the commercial breakthrough onto the drinks market with the Cyclero® DrinkBag: Maxx Drinks in Thailand was the first company to start production in the spring of this year and has now supplied more than 3,000 schools with the further developed 200ml Cyclero® drinks packaging. A clear increase in orders since the market launch in spring 2012 has confirmed the high level of acceptance of the packaging on the Thai market.

“It looks like a normal can, but is actually a bag,” says Gerhard A. Hartmann, Global Marketing & Sales Director, describing Cyclero®, the so-called DrinkBag. The advantages are clear in the truest sense: At 4 grams, not only is the DrinkBag light as a feather, but it is also dimensionally-stable and handy despite the lowest possible use of materials. The practical peel-off lid is also very easy to remove. This guarantees optimal hygiene when drinking easily from the large opening. The Cyclero® DrinkBag is being produced and filled on rolls directly at the drinks manufacturers. From one roll of Cyclero material, an incredible 20,000 packs can be produced – meaning the Cyclero® DrinkBag offers considerable logistical advantages, e.g. in comparison to pre-produced cans.

Thanks to the high barrier laminate with 8 µm aluminium and a heat resistance of up to 100°C, most of the contents can be kept for at least a year after being pasteurised in the round foil bag. At the same time, the properties of laminate and barriers can be adapted to the requirements of all kinds of non-carbonated drinks.

What is interesting for the bottler is the fact that the DrinkBag is shaped and filled in one machine, thus minimising the space required. The Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) prototype installed in Thailand was designed and built by the company Mechatronica / Gabrovo, enabling a speed of approx. 90 packs per minute from the very beginning. The next generation of machinery, which is currently being constructed, will be able to produce approx. 180 – 200 filled packs per minute.


Cyclero® SoftCan

Since 2007, the Cyclero® SoftCan system, which was developed in cooperation with Optima / Schwäbisch Hall, has established itself as the coffee pad packaging with a major growth on the German market. With just two manufacturers on the market, coffee pads in the Cyclero® can have now achieved a fantastic market share of considerably more than 20%.


From a consumer point of view, the Cyclero® cans have many advantages: Easy opening and resealing with the practical peel-off lid, easy removal of pads, optimal protection of the product and flavour and environment friendliness. The current further development of the machine has improved the price-performance relationship, offering the best prerequisites for manufacturers to open the door to completely new markets, such as snacks, sweets and powdered products.

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