Tic tac packaging for Euro 2012 wins award

3 Oct 2012


The annual Pro Carton/ECMA Awards for carton packaging have been presented for fifteen years now.  This year the best folding carton in the ?Confectionery? category was given to a product for tic tac.





Sonorous Packaging

The promotional packaging for tic tac scores for its high fun factor and added emotional value and doubles up as a sound-maker for cheering for football fans. The folding carton can be efficiently produced and can also be easily assembled; moreover, prostate single tic tac candies can be taken out at a time without having to tear open the rattle. The sound varies depending on how full the packaging is. It is available in two print designs at present: a typical football motif and a special design for Germany fans.





Comments by the Jury

This pack astonished the jury who said they had never seen anything like it before. Launched at the time of Euro 2012, online the construction was sophisticated, contained, and displayed the product well and had the added advantage of being a football rattle utilising the rattling of the Tic Tacs. In addition the design was well conceived as the pack was made from a single piece of cartonboard. A very clever concept that was well designed and made.


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