New label printer in Peru

2 Oct 2012


Grupo Fibrafil, based in the Peruvian capital Lima, is one of the leading Latin-American manufacturers of two agro-industrial products used in greenhouses – sun protection materials and binding twine for tomatoes. The company is now entering the label market and has therefore invested in a Gallus ECS 340 flexographic press.

Grupo Fibrafil, part of Grupo Zaidan, has a workforce of approximately 80 employees at its
plant in Peru. However, it is also represented in other countries in the region under the
name of the umbrella organisation Grupo Zaidan. Grupo Zaidan consists of companies in
Peru and Chile and subsidiaries in Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico and Uruguay.


Nicolas Zaidan, Sales Manager at Grupo Fibrafil, explains that the large growth potential on the Peruvian label market prompted the company to add label printing to its core business – the production of 1.82 million square metres of sun protection materials a month on 21 machines: “The Peruvian label market is not particularly well developed. A lot of labels are still imported from abroad. After installing the new press, we were able to attract many branded companies for whom the shorter delivery times of our labels are of critical importance,” says Zaidan.

To meet the needs of the Peruvian label market, Grupo Fibrafil chose to buy the highly
economical and user-friendly Gallus ECS 340 flexographic press. This press has a technical
granite core that ensures very quiet operation and enables easy access to the printing and
processing stations. The Gallus ECS 340 is equipped with 8 inking units, a UV drying
system, a servo-drive system, front-operated die-cutters and printing cylinder and anilox
roller sleeves. It also boasts a very short web path that cuts setup times and waste
significantly. According to Nicolas Zaidan, the Gallus ECS 340 will be used at Grupo Fibrafil
to produce prime, security and PVC labels with an annual capacity of 2 million square

For the time being, the new label press will be housed in a dedicated, 1,000-square metre
area at the 15,000-square metre Grupo Fibrafil plant. However, the company is already in
the process of buying an 8,000-square metre site nearby, where the label department –
which will be operated under the name Sigmaflex – will move next year.

Initially, Grupo Fibrafil is looking to concentrate on the domestic label market, where Nicolas Zaidan sees great potential in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Labels for Grupo Fibrafil’s own agro-industrial products will account for 25% of production.
However, Grupo Fibrafil is also looking to use its existing network to export labels to other
Latin American countries in the future. As it already supplies agro-industrial products to its companies abroad, the export costs for the labels supplied would be eliminated. The Grupo Zaidan companies will therefore soon be hiring employees responsible solely for the label market. Further label presses may then be deployed, including in the other countries where the Group is already active. Seen in this light, the purchase of the Gallus ECS 340 is just the beginning, according to Nicolas Zaidan.

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