German packaging award for Mercedes flacon design

25 Sep 2012

Mercedes fragrance

A German Packaging Award has been awarded a Mercedes Benz perfume flacon design.

Whereas the Mercedes of the publisher of this magazine may smell like a fish and chip shop due to the cooking oil it runs from, drugstore apparently this Mercedes fragrance is ?masculine, modern and elegant? (so maybe it also smells of cooking oil?)

The flacon comes in the sizes 40, 75 and 120 ml. A Mercedes-Benz star is featured on the glass base. The flacons are made on single-drop machines in a blow and blow process. After the production process they are fire polished to achieve a perfect surface finish. Finally, a bi-color screen print of the famous automobile brand name is applied. The logo which is additionally featured on the base further enhances the flacon?s elegance and upmarket appeal.  So maybe it does not smell of cooking oil after all!

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