Packaging tricks fool the customer

17 Sep 2012

victoria inside

As food prices rise and the margins of the retail outlets are pushed harder, online recipe all sorts of tricks need to be employed by the shop owners to maintain their profits.

With many retailers operating at under one percent margin in many areas of central and eastern Europe, case one way is to make the packaging look the same but to reduce the contents.  This works especially well with private label products and most shoppers who have a large trolley full of goods do not notice the difference.

This option is probably the best of all for the shops.  Other options include reducing quality, prescription reducing the amount of more expensive ingredients for cheaper ones (often salt and sugar) or offering completely new products which cannot compare to those that have been replaced except in price.

In the past few weeks many raw materials have soared in price and this is a trend likely to continue as the winter sets in.


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