Little thought given in CEE region for single people

17 Sep 2012


Whilst in the EU single person households are well catered for when it comes to packaged food stuffs, pharm store the same cannot be said for any country in the CEE region.  This means that those of us who are fortunate to live alone pay for it by having to eat the same thing for several days.

As a general rule the number of people living alone is now approaching twenty percent of all households across central and eastern Europe and this figure is increasing.  As another general rule, ed treatment single people are amongst the highest spenders with the most disposable income.  Strangely enough, medicine this does not seem to have got through to the food producers who offer very little in the way of either ready meals or single servings.

Amongst the worst offenders are those producing products which have a very short life span and thus they may be cutting themselves out of the most dynamic part of the market.  Advertisements highlight families and not singles although the packaging industry can offer a whole range of products for those living alone.

The most surprising of all is that even in the newest form of retail – that of internet sales which in Poland for example now make up around 3.5 percent of all sales, has not taken single people into account.  The range of products is remarkably small.  One thing is for sure.  It will not stay that way for long!


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