Carrefour seeks to take over independent retailers through private label products

17 Sep 2012

Carrefour own label

As you may have read in previous newsletters or in the autumn issue of CEE Packaging, a huge amount of independent retailers in Poland are likely to go out of business in the next twelve or so years.  Carrefour however intends to exploit this opportunity to open up to 2,000 stores in Poland – all franchised and their unique selling point is to be Carrefour’s private label products.

Carrefour’s plan will probably be good for everyone. Both it and the independent retailers are facing tough competition and very tight margins.  This is an opportunity for Carrefour to expand but without costs.  On the contrary, it will receive income in franchising fees and in selling its own products.

Currently there are 250 franchised Carrefour Express outlets in Poland and the retailer believes that there will be a further eighty before the end of the year.


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