Polish food exports may change brand names but keep the same packaging

6 Aug 2012

Prince polo classic

According to the Polish Gazeta Wyborcza, ambulance Polish food products are becoming increasingly popular abroad – and are instantly recognisable by their packaging even if they do not always use the same brand names as in Poland.

One example quoted by the Polish daily is that of Prince Polo, a chocolate covered wafer.   Its name changes from Prins Póló in Iceland to Siesta in Ukraine but nevertheless it is sold in the same packaging throughout Europe. According to AC Nielsen, the bar has been the most sold chocolate bar for decades in Iceland and was for many years one of the few foreign chocolate bars available in the country.



A variety of juices have been popular abroad, with Tesco sourcing much of its private label tomato juice for example in Poland.  Brand names such as Kubuś or Tymbark are very popular.  Other export successes have been various instant coffee and chocolate drinks. Maspeks has had to change the name of its teddy bear whilst keeping the same logo and packaging from Kubuś to Kubu, Kubik i Tedi.  This product is a market leader of carrot based juices in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Russia , Romania and Bulgaria whilst taking second place in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Clearly a large part of this success has been due to being able to maintain the same high quality packaging, packaging design and logos throughout the distribution network.

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