Label invented that can withstand long periods in an ice bucket

31 Jul 2012

A film label material has been launched in Europe to address the challenges faced by wine and spirit producers who need a premium brand image to survive intact during long periods of ice bucket immersion. The manufacturers say that it looks and feels like a conventional paper label but has the performance of a film.

The new product, online offered by Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials – Europe has levels of resistance to ice and water.  Avery Dennison Aqua Proof combines Fasson? S2047N adhesive with a tactile, prostate pearlescent, medicine embossable film ? a film that has the appearance and ?touch? of a textured paper product.

According to Alfredo Pollici, CEO of Notarianni S.r.l. in Valle S. Bartolomeo, Italy, ?Our brands require material that remains unchanged through the whole bottle life-cycle, even during tough challenges like the refrigerator or ice-bucket. Combining the elegance of paper with the durability of film gives us the best of both worlds. Our tests spanning several printing techniques have been universally well received ? many of our customers commented that this was a ?nice paper?, without realising initially that they were looking at a film.?

Brand owners for premium products such as champagne, wines, cava, prosecco and spirits have traditionally used uncoated papers and wet-glue labelling because paper offers a feeling of ?authenticity? to consumers. However, the open-weave nature of paper fibres enables moisture absorption which can cause the labels to develop wrinkles, pleats and bubbling. Changes in label opacity and label slippage during immersion are also significant problems.

Avery Dennison claims that it is resistant to label tearing during transport. Printed information remains intact after immersion in ice overnight, and also during lengthy storage in dark, humid conditions, because the film is naturally resistant to mould.

Francis Arnaud, business development manager at Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials – Europe says that Avery Dennison Aqua Proof has been designed to simplify the choice of product for converters as well as improve ice water performance: ?A wide range of decorative techniques can be used with this new material. Its paper-like look and feel helps converters reduce stock inventory because it suits a range of different bottles including sparkling wine, still white and rosé wines and spirits. Testing has taken place at several specialist converters in different countries using flexo, offset, hotfoil, silk screen and embossing. The results confirm that no tool adaptation is needed.?

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