Recycled MAP applications being used for water retention projects

23 Jul 2012


MAP packaging (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) present a rapidly growing application as packaging for sophisticated foods such as meat, sausage, cheese, fish and other applications in the field of delicatessen. In MAP packages, which are manufactured from PVC/PE or PET/PE composites with a strong barrier against oxygen, the oxygen portion is withdrawn from the internal air. This assures good durability of the food.

A hightech application of recyclates from PVC/PE composites was found for stormwater attenuation systems. At the French film manufacturer Cifra, recyclates from used PVC/PE packaging are calandered to produce thick films. Hamon, a French manufacturer for water treatment systems produces profile sheets from the films recycled by Cifra. These are then glued to form water cisterns. The cisterns are composed as elements for a large-scale water attenuation system known under the brand name Geolight.

This system then forms controllable water reservoirs. The Geolight system, may be able to adapt to the limitations and characteristics of the site. The profile cisterns show high compression force which may make them very well suited for water reservoirs underneath roads, car parks and amenity areas.

That way, recycled PVC/PE composite films are used to produce durable water attenuation and water management membranes. The project, for which further projects are already in the planning stage in Germany and the Netherlands, is called ‘pack-upgrade’ by the manufacturers of PVC package films








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