Lighter paint can comes onto the market

19 Jul 2012


International paint manufacturers Craig and Rose are using a 2.5 litre can for their range of premium paints. The can they have has just come onto the market and its manufactuers claim it is lighter and therefore reduces packaging material.

RinGo® has been designed and produced by metal and glass packaging company Ardagh Group, specifically for the paint market following research and testing. New to the range this year is a 750ml can that is 20 per cent lighter than the standard pack and enables the user to drain the whole content.

RinGo ®is available for paint products in two key industry sizes;  the 2.5lt, for wall paints, and the 750ml for trim paints such as glosses and undercoats.

Ardagh’s design team has re-engineered the 750ml can from top to bottom.  A necked in top, as opposed to the straight wall design of a conventional can, reduces the lid diameter and, in turn, material usage. The bottom of the can is also necked in allowing for the use of a smaller end component. 

Opening is with a twisting action of a screwdriver at the opening indents.

The ring free opening enables all the content to be poured out, with no wasted paint caught under the ring, and, together with the necked in opening and base, reduces the can’s weight by 20 percent, an additional 5 percent improvement over the 2.5lt can.

The can is 100 per cent recyclable. RinGo®can be used on existing filling lines, and can be specified by manufacturers and packers without incurring additional processing costs and running at the same filling line speeds.

Paint manufacturers Craig and Rose are already using the 2.5lt version for their range of premium paints.




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