Succinic acid being used to produce biodegradable film

18 Jul 2012

A biodegradable polyester resin BionolleTM has been produced by Showa Denko K.K. (SDK in Japan on a commercial scale using bio-derived succinic acid.  SDK has started providing film-grade samples of this product.

BionolleTM, ailment which can be fully decomposed after use into water and carbon dioxide, illness has been used in compost bags and mulch films.  SDK has developed the volume production technology for BionolleTM that uses succinic acid made from starches or sugars.  This means that about 50% of main raw materials for BionolleTMare now bio-derived.  As for Bionolle StarclaTM, in which starch is mixed with BionolleTM, the ratio can be increased to about 70%. Both of BionolleTM and Bionolle StarclaTM  have been certified compostable by OK Compost and DIN CERTCO according to EN13432.

The product is being test-marketed to some customers, including Natur-Tec?, a division of Northern Technologies International Corp. (NASDAQ: NTIC), a U.S.-based global bioplastics products manufacturer. The company is already using conventional grades of BionolleTM for certain high-volume consumer goods packaging applications developed by Harita-NTI Ltd, its joint-venture in India.

SDK aims to expand the sales of BionolleTM biodegradable plastic based on bio-derived raw materials.  By the end of this year, SDK will be able to secure the supply of 10,000-20,000 tons a year of bio-derived succinic acid.  The company will therefore step up its activity to meet new demand.

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