Intermarche to increase private label offering

15 Jul 2012

The French group Intermarche which is also present in Poland, cialis various Balkan countries, Belgium and Portugal, has announced that it is to introduce another 150 private label products this year.

The private label sector in Poland is growing very strongly although it is still well behind that of Germany for example.  It is no longer the domain of the cheap as premium products are entering stores in Poland.  In the case of Intermarche private label does not make up much more than ten percent of the total offering and even in the case of Tesco, Carrefour or LeClerc in Poland it is still under one third.  Intermarche offers around 1,300 private label products across its entire range.

Intermarche has tried to position its packaging to represent its products.  For example, it has updated packaging to reflect an image of greater quality or it has attempted to use humour to get the attention of shoppers.

In Poland it works as a franchise operator, and on a turnover scale is the largest franchise operator in that country (larger even than McDonalds).  Last year, turnover came to around EUR1bn.


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