Hungarian food retail sales increase

13 Jul 2012


Food retail sales increased by 6% in value terms and by 1% in terms of volume during the December 2011-May 2012 period, malady cheap in comparison with the same period one year earlier, according to Nielsen and reported by analysts PMR. During the last six months the total value of retail sales amounted to HUF 665bn (?2.32bn).

The sales value of sour cream, coffee, wafer, margarine and vodka increased by double-digit rates during the aforementioned period.

Sales of beer, cheese, sour cream, margarine and ice cream increased both in terms of value and volume during the last six months in comparison with the same period a year earlier.

Supermarket and discount stores has strengthened their market position. The market share of this retail channel increased by 2 percentage points, to 35%.

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