Bonduelle introduces new range in Russia, Romania and Bulgaria

8 Jul 2012


Canned vegetable supplier Bonduelle has upgraded its packaging design for Russia, unhealthy Romania and Bulgaria in an effort to refine its market position. To this end it has divided its product range into three main lines: Classic, Expert and Fusion.

The basic line of Classic includes single product contents intended for universal use (corn, peas, beans, etc.). The Expert line combines a sophisticated mix of vegetables with various sauces, for use in salads, side dishes and as an independent dishes (red beans in a Mexican sauce, delicatessen corn, mixed vegetable salad and more). The new premium Fusion line includes such things as Tuscan squash and Provencal Ratatouille.

The packaging design has become more vivid, sunny and friendly. These products are already on the shelves in Russia.

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