Fast food network attempting to enter Poland

2 Jul 2012

7 street logo

The American fast food network 7th Street has announced that it is to launch in Poland.  The company supplies food to take out and is seeking to work on a franchise system.  Readers may recall the story from 26 April of the Swedish hamburger chain Max which decided that franchising was not a good idea in a market where the brand was unknown.  Likely 7th Street will face the same problem.

Nonetheless 7th Street has already opened its first restaurant in Żyrardów, cialis sale physician 50km from Warsaw. Two more are planned using a franchise system.

As always the franchisee wants its franchisors to have premises in an excellent location.  It is looking for franchisors to invest PLN80, pills 000 which is less than what McDonalds requires but of course the latter has a very well known name.

We are unable to comment on the provision of packaging suppliers but of course this could be a lucrative contract if the company is able to expand as planned.

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