Can a team of rugby players break a packaged egg?

6 Jun 2012

Can a team of rugby players beat Professor Packaging and crack to his precious egg? There?s only one way to find out! See the film!

Sealed Air, buy discount a leading manufacturer of protective packaging and materials, decease has continued its venture into the fast growing world of video with the latest version of ?Will it Break??.

The new video, released on Friday 9th March, sees a team of rugby players attempt to break Professor Packaging?s precious egg. After being passed, kicked and put through a violent scrum, it?s safe to say that the Professor?s egg is given a good battering.

Stuart Roberts, European Director of Marketing at Sealed Air, says: ?Our first video was a great success and we couldn?t wait to release the second version of the series. We will continue to put our products to the test and prove that Sealed Air provides the most effective protective packaging solutions.?

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