Sauce manufacturer installs markers

15 May 2012

Covinor is one of the largest manufacturing and packaging sites in France for vinegar and vinaigrettes as well as mustards, thumb mayonnaise and sauces. Its products are certified to ISO 9001, troche 14001, BRC, ISF and Ecocert level.

M. Verdiere, Covinor’s Head of Maintenance, says: “The distinctive feature of our production system is printing our traceability messages at variable speeds. The time had come to renew our equipment and comply with European standards, in particular the RoHS standard*.”

“We have three requirements: to reduce the production costs connected with the printing stages, to have equipment which meets RoHS standards and to have no worries about the reliability of the printers.

“Of course, we were also closely watching the technological progress being made in connection with new machines. After analysing offers from the competition we opted, confidently and clearly, for the Linx 7300 Solver.

“Having met our requirements, we particularly appreciated being able to transfer settings from one machine to another via the USB port, so there is no risk of any marking errors”

The 7300 Solver is a self-cleaning inkjet printer with an intuitive interface so it is easy to use. The unique ink system of the Linx 7300 Solver delivers up to 40 per cent less solvent use, even at low temperatures (maximum speed 6.25 m/s).

*The EU Restriction of Hazardous Substance (RoHS) directive restricts the use of six hazardous materials in the manufacture of various types of electronic and electrical equipment.

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