Russian mill sees small increase in production

15 May 2012

This includes about 91, troche 000 tons of market pulp, search which is a 1% percent increase as compared to the similar period of the previous year.
Paper production has gained 15%, online going up to 59,000 tons. This includes 22,000 tons of sack paper, 30,000 tons of offset paper, and 7,000 tons of wallpaper.
Board production has amounted to 124,000 tons, going down by 2.5% against the similar period performance in 2011. This slight reduction in board output has been triggered by the changing ratio of sack paper and board output with more sack paper to satisfy the market demand.
Pulp cooking has grown by 3%, totaling 288,000 tons in the first quarter.
Wood supplies have exceeded the figures of January – March 2011 by 7%, amounting to 1,430,000 cubic meters.
OAO Ilim Gofra, corrugated box business of Ilim Group in the Leningrad Oblast, increased its production volumes by more than 4%, manufacturing 29,400,000 square meters of corrugated products in the first quarter of 2012.

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